Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Nose Correction Surgery in India

After breast enhancement and liposuction, Rhinoplasty comes as the most sought plastic surgery. Before 2011, patients suffered from several poor outcomes due to the inexperience of the surgeon and lack of equipment at the clinics.

Another factor that leads to bad nose jobs is the improper or baseless use of silicone implants. This technique gives fast desirable results, but with time, the nose starts tilting due to excessive removal of cartilage. At the end, the nose becomes flat and the nose is like a saddle
  • ·        Having multiple nose surgeries

Some patients continue having nose jobs one after the other while suffering from different medical problems like breathing issues, poor position, and little cartilage. All these instances lead to stress and depression due to the fact that the facial appearances and the breathing system are disorganized.

From a study, it was found that from the 10 rhinoplasty surgeries performed, four were Redo cases and patients are already worn out and exhausted. Experts inform women who fall victims to avoid having such surgeries from small clinics with inexperienced surgeons.

The normal procedure takes 3 or 4 hours, but when it is a revision, more time is taken because there are various obstacles faced during the operation.

Have a look at the following results that how the correction in the nose can change the image of your entire face. 

The more you get nose correction procedures, is the more you get scarring, damage to the cartilage, and the more you disorganize the breathing system. 

Improper care after the surgery is also to blame

Come to Dr. VJ Clinic for a nose correction surgery in India to avoid unseen consequences that arise from poorly performed surgeries. 

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery& Hair Transplantation Centre provides the surgery without any complications with perfect results. Watch this video to get to know about nose correction procedure in detail.

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