Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Restoring hair with PRP Therapy

Well natured hair roots are a source of good hair and when they are damaged or worn out, hair loss will increase. One way of restoring hair in men and women without hardship is by using PRP Therapy. It is also called the Platelet Rich Plasma therapy where your own blood is used to restore your hair lost due to alopecia or any other threat. It is believed that blood contains healing components and re-growth factors that can repair the cells and stimulate hair growth. 

The blood plasma consists of more platelets that exist in the normal blood circulation and they contain the required proteins for reducing inflammation. When the blood is harvested from your body, it is prepared in the centrifuge in the laboratory to extract the platelets. 

They are then injected into the area affected by hair loss. This treatment is compatible with your body system and it provides no chances of infections or damage to your immune system. 

The procedure is safe and from the studies conducted, it was found that PRP therapy increases hair growth and also promotes healthy hair. 

There is no recovery period since it is not a surgery, but rather there will be minor tenderness and swelling that will disappear in a short time. 

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 For more details, you can watch this video:


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