Friday, 30 March 2018

Is your chest embarrassing you?

A flat, firm chest is the dream of every man. Be it teenagers, or men in their middle ages, all of them aspire for a strong chest. Owing to certain conditions like excessive weight gain, medical conditions, use of steroids , there is an increasing incidence of gynecomastia or male breast. A sedentary lifestyle or hormonal imbalances are to be blamed. The surgical procedure to remove the male breast is called Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia Surgery in India is fast gaining popularity.

Gynecomastia Surgery-The answer to your embarrassment
An increasing portion of the male population is opting for mastectomy (surgery of the breast) to regain their desirable physique. As compared to other cosmetic surgical processes, it is considered to be relatively safer, accompanied by a high success quotient. But the patients need to do some homework before opting for the surgery. They should weigh both the advantages and disadvantages before opting for the surgery; it is a low-risk surgery,
with noticeable results. Choosing an experienced surgeon with a proven track record is the most crucial deciding factor. Don’t compromise on this account. Normally, one sitting is enough to see the desired changes. Similarly, some precautions need to be taken post surgery too. In case of extreme gynecomastia, and people with sagging skin in and around the concerned area, the doctor might use surgical tissue excision to attain the desirable results. These results can’t be achieved by liposuction procedure. The depth and the location of incisions depend on the amount of surgery required, but mostly, the area around the areola, also called the peri-areolar region is cut. The surgeon takes care to incise within the natural curves of the chest. He will also take care to make them as unnoticeable as possible.

Knock out the post surgery blues
1. Immediately after the surgery, patients can experience swelling and pain in the operated area. Normally, they can return to work after few week’s. Getting back to a regular exercise schedule, though could take a fortnight’s time.
2. Some scars may be visible, but they will heal after some time.
3. The doctor advise the patient to wear a corset or a protective garment to safeguard the chest for atleast six weeks after the surgery. It ensures a speedy and safe recovery and proper healing.
4. For three weeks after the surgery, you should avoid lifting heavy weights.
5. Some patients might feel a loss of sensation in the operated area for a while, but it will fade away after a few months.
6. Last, but not the least, make a note of all the instructions and medicines given by the doctor. Complete the course of medicines given by him. Carefully follow the list of precautions advised by the doctor. Regularly take the painkillers prescribed by the doctor to feel comfortable.

The Pleasant Result
Now it’s time to take stock of the positive outcome-a flat, firm chest instead of the previous fat deposits. The surgical process has been done. Now, it is up to the patient to maintain his newly found physique and well-defined chest. He should take care about these:-
1. The patient should mention a healthy lifestyle which includes a regular exercise schedule.
2. Exercise alone will not help. It has to back up with a healthy diet plan.
3. He should avoid gaining weight.
4. He should also avoid steroids.

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