Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Celebrities both from India and Hollywood always remain the ideal for many due to their looks, work and talent so for them their appearance is the major concern. They remain extra concisions about their appealing beauty that retain their shining image in the eyes  of fans.

So if they notice some imperfections in their look that can dent their image they immediately look for the cosmetic surgeon to have the aesthetic appearance. It can be surprising but the Following are the top Hollywood and bollywood stars that have the perfect look with the cosmetic surgery

1.    Celine Dion who had the cosmetic surgery for her chin and nose

2.    Heidi Montag is the famous TV star she also has cosmetic procedure to have appearance like plastic doll

3.    Darryl Hannah is famous Hollywood star that have also tries surgical way to look young and aesthetic

4.    Madonna is the famous singer also tried cosmetic treatment for appealing look.

5.    Dwayne Johnson is the successful actor who had treatment for Gynecomastia with the liposuction procedure

6.    Simon Cowell is the richest men in entertaining world who had Botox injections for skin tightening

7.    George Clooney is the biggest surprise in this list but he also had to go for cosmetic surgery called eyelid surgery

8.    Shilpa Shetty had nose, breast and butt implants for perfect look

9.    Rakhi Sawant also undergone various cosmetic procedures

10.  Katrina Kaif also had the nose job done surgically

11.  Bipasa Basu underwent the procedure for her bust line

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